Friday, February 12, 2010

DarkWoodsCon is coming!!!

Horror fans rejoice! Horror is coming to Pikeville KY and I don't just mean the weather. DarkWoods Con is happening in Pikeville the first weekend in March and I'm talking with Cherokee, one of the founders of the event.

SGR: First thing, let's get the details: who, what, where and when and how can folks find you?

DWC: DarkWoods Con is a horror and paranormal convention held at the LandMark Inn in Pikeville, KY on March 5th-7th. For a first year convention we have a pretty impressive line up. We have from The Hills Have Eyes, Devils Rejects, and much more Michael Berryman. Former WWE Wrestler Al Snow. Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis. From Halloween 2 Dick Warlock. The writer of Final Destination 1 and 2 Jeffery Reddick (He's originally from Jackson KY actually) From Friday the 13th Ari Lehman. Three Playboy Playmates. An MTV Jackass Mike Holman. And we have some reality TV show people that we haven't put up on the site yet...PLUS a super secret surprise guest on Sunday only. Unfortunately due to a contract he has with a major TV network we are unable to promote him as coming... But he's BIG!

SGR: This is the first year for your horror con. What made you decide to take it on? It's got to be an enormous undertaking. How long did it take to pull this together?

DWC: It's a LOT harder than we thought but there have been a LOT of fun times putting it together as well. You'd be surprised at just how approachable the celebs are. We all LOVE horror films and frequently go to other conventions and we thought "Why not try one in our neck of the woods...the DarkWoods". And the name stuck. We've been working at this for about 7 months now...and we should have started a LOT earlier too.

SGR: Is this solely for horror film buffs? What else are you offering?

It's also for fans of the Paranormal shows. We were so close in booking one of the TAPS Ghosthunters but he couldn't fit it in his schedule. We do plan on trying to get him next year though. There will also be indie films and different seminars going on throughout the Convention. The schedule will be released the week or so before.

SGR: What do you see for the future of DarkWoodsCon? Bigger, better, faster, more?

DWC: Yes, Yes, Yes and YES! We may take it on the road and hit some other smaller places but we'll be back to Pikeville for sure.

SGR: I'm in WV so I'm well aware of some of the reactions you might be getting nationwide and worldwide. "Pikeville KY??? Where???" What do you think the reaction will be for people coming from far away to this part of the country?

Because there's nothing like this going on in that area and we know that our people love the horror films too! We all decided to give a little back to the area as well.

SGR: You mentioned you are also an independent film maker. How important are conventions for indy films? What do they mean for fans of horror film and fiction?

DWC: Indie films and film festivals are the life blood of the indie film maker. That's where we show and sell our work. It's also where we hope that a representative from a distribution company shows up and likes our stuff. It's also all about networking...wanna act? Come out and meet the film makers. Wanna write? Come on out and pitch an idea. Wanna direct? Come on out and see how WE are doing things and also learn from OUR mistakes. It's really a win win situation.
For the horror fans it means a chance to meet some of the people that have either scared the poop out of you OR someone that you cheered on and hoped would make it until morning. It's a surreal moment to meet Jason then sitting right next to him is Michael Meyers.

SGR: Any final words, warnings, suggestions?

DWC: Yes we want to warn you about The Rad Girls. They are a female version of you never know that they are going to do. I'm a little scared of them myself. Haha!

SGR: Thanks so much for taking the time out of what must be a hairy schedule to talk today. Dark Woods Con is March 5-7 in Pikeville KY. I'll be there with big, bloody bells on! Check out the link below for more details! (As always, if this doesn't work, try the link at the very bottom of the page. I think this will pretty much be SOP)


YS#1 said...

Great interview! i'd go just to see Al Snow....who is My kind of freak (the rasslin' kind)

SG Redling said...

I think it's gonna be easy to get your horror freak on in Pikeville! Hope to see you there!